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My journey to nutrition therapy started with my personal struggle of autoimmune disease since I was a teenager.  While I was blessed to be under the care of top physicians and received the best treatment, I grew frustrated with the quality of my life.  I decided to take my health in my own hands and started researching diet and exercise and how it related to my condition.  I was taken aback by the drastic difference different foods had on my health and energy.  Within six months, I got off all my medications, stopped treatments and have been in remission ever since.  It was at that point, I grew a deep desire to help people take control of their health.


I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I learned over 100 different dietary theories and counseling techniques.  I began helping others who were ill, athletes and people who wanted to lose weight.  After years of successfully helping others, I grew frustrated.  I wanted a more medical apporach.  I wanted to read labs and see if what I suggested made a difference in lab readings.  I enrolled at Functional Nutrition Alliance to widen my knowledge and became a functional nutrition counselor.  


Although this wasn't my original plan as a Business and Finance graduate at USC, it definitely is more rewarding!  When people come to me, their goals become my goals and I do what it takes.  I am thrilled when others feel empowered by taking control of their health and see significant changes.  We can't change the different food options available to us, but we can decide what to partake in.     


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