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My name is Matt Sosnick, and I am a baseball agent.  For the past ten years, I have tried and failed to lose thirty pounds and recapture my past energy.


I was introduced to Roina by a close friend, and set up a five session plan.  From the first meeting, Roina seemed as vested and excited as I was about improving my overall health and quality of life.  We have met three times over the past month.  In that month, I have lost 22 pounds eating a lot of the foods that I love, while slowly incorporating Roina's health and eating strategies.  Many of her suggestions, like altering the amount of water that I drink each day and increasing my protein, were simple.  Balancing my PH levels and eating foods that reduce inflammation were totally foreign concepts, and have been the key to my success.  


I have been introducing Roina to my Major League players when they come to town, and they are amazed at how simple it is to get so much healthier when concepts are explained to them in a concise, direct way.  I owe this woman a ton.


- Matt S. 

My name is Tyler Harvey and this year I was drafted by the NBA team, the Orlando Magic. One of their main concerns for me was my body fat. If I remember correctly, the highest my body fat reached was 12%. I thought I ate healthy for the most part, until I met Roina. She introduced me to a whole new realm of healthy eating. Long story short, I wasn't eating as healthy as I thought. I remember the first conversation I had with Roina and I didn't even know what to say. So much information was given, but I knew she was the person to help me achieve my goal of 7.5% body fat. 

I reached my goal in just two months. Now I shop at Whole Foods more frequently, and although it is more expensive, it definitely pays off in the long run.  I'm not the best cook, but with Roina’s help I found some things that I could make. As of now my body fat is at 6.2%, way beyond my goal, and it took about 5 months or so to get there. I am very thankful to have met Roina to get me where I wanted to be in a short amount of time. I can't lie, my favorite part of the week is when I get to eat my once a week cheat meal.  It gives me something to look forward to during the week. 


- Tyler H.

My son was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer in January. After going through brain surgery, chemo and radiation, he is in remission. Dealing with the side effects has been overwhelming. I met Roina at the gym I work at and she has been wonderful in helping us change our son’s diet to give him the optimal chance to keep fighting and survive this cancer long term. Her knowledge about nutrition and the body is amazing. I was most happy that she doesn’t just follow the government guidelines for nutrition. Being a personal trainer myself I know full well how inadequate those federal recommendations are. What has impressed me the most is Roina’s genuine caring for our son’s health and wellbeing. Roina’s genuine concern instantly made us feel like family. She really goes out of her way to help. In only a few weeks we’ve already seen positive changes in our son Joel. I can’t wait for her to help me with my own nutrition. I know I speak for my wife and especially my son when I say that Roina is truly a blessing in our lives. 


- Will Z.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease about 4 months ago. Although I did get medication, which helped a bit, I was still feeling really fatigued and had severe brain fog. It got to the point where I was unsure how I was going to be able to function at work, or even maintain relationships the way I wanted to. Thank goodness I met Roina! Since I've been on her program, I've noticed (and others have noticed) a dramatic difference. It really is amazing how tailored nutrition can effect how you feel. Within a few weeks I not only felt better, I felt extremely energetic. At work I've been "firing on all cylinders". My skin looks and feels better and as a bonus, I'm losing some weight. Throughout the process, Roina has been there for me like a personal trainer, encouraging me every step of the way.  Thank you so much, Roina!


-Onita M.

When I met Roina, I was in a very vulnerable place in my life. I weighed 165 pounds and was eating foods that were not good for me. The doctors had me on numerous medications for my degenerative back disease and I struggled daily to stay awake at 3 pm. We started talking about nutrition and the foods I was eating and within an hour we were already changing my diet! Roina explained that the foods I was eating were only making my back condition worse and asked me if I would try a few modifications and see if they helped! Within a few weeks, I was feeling lighter, stronger and in much less pain so I was able to take less medication! Today I still maintain the lifestyle changes she has taught me and I am 35 pounds down feeling more alive then ever! Thank you so much Roina, you are amazing!


-Whitney W.

I am now completing my fourth week of the De-Tox program and happy to say that it works.  I have lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks, at a steady rate.  The De-Tox plan allowed me to get through my physical workout sessions without loss of strength or energy.  By the third day, I just felt better, “healthier,” even lighter although I had not weighed myself then.  My personal trainer asked how I felt. I was totally feeling well, and I saw no letdown in my physical workouts or during the day at the office.  Despite the first dreaded weekend attending a friend’s birthday party, I was surprised that I could pass on the wine, pasta, and desserts everyone else was partaking.


-Victor Y.

I feel so lucky to have been able to call Roina my nutritionist!  I was eager to find a way to live a healthier lifestyle and knew I needed help to do so.  Working with Roina has been a sincere pleasure!  No one spends as much time, is as dedicated or offers as much support as she does. I always feel like I have someone routing for me -- someone who wants to see results as much as I do. She is a wealth of information and offers the kind of support and advice that has kept me on track and feeling good.  I was so thankful for the tailor fit nutrition plan which was so easy to follow and stick with.  I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.  I am a better person for it and I love how amazing I feel! Thank you Roina!


-Lisa R.

Roina is the most exceptional nutritionist! I have never worked with a nutritionist before and we met quite by chance. When speaking with her I found her so incredibly warm and friendly that I was so very drawn to make an appointment to see her and find out more. She is truly a ray of sunshine! She is bright, incredibly knowledgeable in her field, and extremely encouraging and supportive! She lays things out and explains things in such a clear, easy and uncomplicated manner that is so easy to follow and not at all overwhelming. It is all about the easy small steps that in the end make a big difference! I cannot say enough words of praise for her heart, her spirit and her knowledge! You will be so blessed and encouraged by your meeting!


-Shari L.

I lost 30 pounds in 1 month.  Roina has been an angel in my life. Not only did I get great results, I enjoyed the process.  Her kindness is refreshing.  Thank you Roina!



Roina is a very knowledgeable in her field. I am very hard headed and I do not make changes easily, but I needed to change the way I eat.  I wanted to lose my stomach and I knew it couldn't happen eating a pound of Pinkberry every night!  What I loved about Roina is she gave me a program that fit me... truly custom-fit.  I ate fruit all day and she gave me small steps that were attainable.  She first changed the time I ate fruit and then the amount.  These small successes motivated me to make big changes like eat salads! I realize now that even when I try to eat sugar, it just makes me sick... my body has adjusted to a healthier lifestyle. A proud moment was going into Pinkberry to get my daughter frozen yogurt and I was not salivating.  I have no craving for frozen yogurt anymore and I have Roina to thank!


-Martha P.

Roina was so insightful and helpful in developing a healthier lifestyle for me. She is truly knowledgable in Nutrition and is so passionate about sharing her information with others. Roina answered all my questions and went above and beyond to make the transition to certain foods easier. Her energy and enthusiasm made me excited to make healthier choices, and I knew she would be there every step of the way!

-Teresa L.

Roina shares her vast knowledge of health and nutrition with a warm sense of enthusiasm and strength.  She visited our preschool to make green smoothies!  The children (and teachers) loved learning her songs about vitamins and healthy foods! We all enjoyed the delicious, healthy treat. I have since recommended this nutritious snack to many families. It was a pleasure including Roina in our curriculum during nutrition week and we hope she will come again!


-Mulberry Tree Preschool (Moraga, CA)

I started out eating chicken tenders and chicken fried steak, even though I come from a family riddled with diabetes. I never had to worry about my weight or my health. Then I turned 38 and started to see the change in my body.  I needed to make a change, but I wasn’t sure how to find something that was sustainable in a very busy and stressful work environment. When I started talking to Roina about food, she turned the conversation into one about health instead. She explained how small changes could make a big impact on my health, and I was able to incorporate her guidance, even while traveling. I didn’t know how to understand a label or what key ingredients did to my body. Once I was armed with the information on what to avoid and what to replace it with, I had a roadmap to follow. I dropped 10 lbs, which is nothing compared to the decrease in inflammation and the change in mindset. Huge thanks to Roina for the education, encouragement and sustainable plan. I couldn’t have done it without you.

- Asha H.

Roina gave me the education AND inspiration to really focus on getting healthier by changing my lifestyle and introducing me to terms like: "inflammatory foods" and "cortisol". She "dumbed" it all down for me (without talking down to me) so I could really understand what to do in order accomplish my goals: Live a better, healthier and longer life.  I'm eating better and smarter and working out better and smarter and in just over 3 months, I've lost 30 pounds, went from a pants size of 42 to ALMOST a 36. I have so much more energy, sleep better & have never felt better!


-Paul G.

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with sinus infections, bronchitis, pleurisy, asthma, breathing treatments, constipation, diarrhea, chronic inflammation in my joints and monthly antibiotics. I have been to multiple ENTs, doctors, allergists and they always would give me some other pill or steroid, or something to shoot up my nose. They basically told me there was nothing I could do. So for years, I remained the "sick girl." My coworkers would always say "You're sick again... what’s wrong with you?" Needless to say, it took its toll on my job, self esteem, and personal life. Everyone always seemed to have the answer for why I was so sick, or what I needed to try.


My life was about to change one not so remarkable Saturday afternoon. I was at the nail salon on a typical weekend and I was watching this horrifying commercial about "Lion meat" tacos!! I turned to the woman next to me (Roina) and said "Ewww would you ever eat that?  It's like a big cat." She laughed and told me she was on a "green smoothie detox." I was interested so I asked tons of questions. What do you eat? Are you always hungry? Do you just eat carrots and nuts? How is this possible? It turns out Roina and I have had similar pasts dealing with multiple health issues. Roina continued to tell me that her ailments have cleared up by radically changing her diet, and that maybe I have unknown food allergies too. She was telling me about green smoothies, homemade salad dressings, chips made in a food dehydrator, and that she is never hungry! She is always satisfied and full!! I thought, "WOW I want that.. I want to feel good.. I want tons of energy... I could do this!" So I did.  The next evening I went to the store,  bought my first bunch of kale, some oranges, and bananas and made my first green smoothie the very next morning. I’ve never looked back. Since changing my diet, I have needed antibiotics 2 times in 8 months.(one was totally my bf's fault). 

My life has totally changed, I completely gave up meat and dairy. I have my own dehydrator and make tons of snacks, I make my own tortillas, breads, burgers... you name it! I invested in a Vita Mix.. the best blender ever! I’m very grateful I bumped into this fabulous woman that random afternoon. I owe my health to you Roina!! I’m eternally grateful for you help!!


-Amy M.

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